Our Fees


Holly (birth – 2 yrs 9 months)

£9.48 per hour

(10% discount all day and 20% all week).                                                       

Mulberry/Willow (2 yrs 9 months up to 5 yrs)

£7.56 per hour



Cooked Lunch


Packed lunch (Willow/Mulberry only)

Supervision included in hourly rate                         


Additional weekly charge (where applicable for Mulberry/Willow)

Redwood After School Club 



£6.90 per hour + £2.70 for tea at 4.00pm


Late Collection

Any child being picked up later then their allocated time will be charged to the nearest hour. A fee of £12.00 may be applied if your child is picked up later than our closing time of 6 pm.

Late Payment Charge

We require payment within the first week of each month, if alternative arrangements have not been made and we do not receive your payment on time you will be charged a late fee of £25.00.




15 hours funding is stretched 51 weeks of the year at 11 hours per week. 30 hours funding is stretched 51 weeks of the year at 22 hours per week.

As many of you will be aware the government introduced 30 hours funded childcare scheme. This means that some children are now eligible for an additional 15 hours funded childcare on top of the 15 hours universal offer that was already available to all 3 and 4 year olds. Whilst it is not mandatory to offer the additional hours, we feel it is in the best interests of our children and their families to do so.

We are proud that we operate Willow and Mulberry at a staffing ration of 1:5/1:6, rather than the statutory minimum of 1:8 as we feel this is far better for the children in our care. We are also determined to continue to ensure that our staff are highly qualified so that they are well placed to support the children who attend the nursery.

As part of our provision we also provide a range of extra services that go beyond standard childcare. These include such things as P.E lessons, Music lessons and small group times with adult support, using qualified staff, as well as specialist 1:1 support for parents regarding home situations, such as behaviour, feeding, sleep and toileting etc. In addition to this we also provide daily snacks and refreshments along with a wide variety of craft and play opportunities.

In order to continue to provide this high level of enhanced provision, it will be necessary for us to make a charge for these aspects of our day. This is in line with many other nursery settings both locally and nationally.

We have tried very hard to keep these charges as low as possible and when combined with the government’s funding rate, these do not exceed our usual hourly rate.

In line with many other nurseries the funded hours are offered on what is known as a ‘stretched basis’. This means that the nursery operates for 51 weeks a year and the funded hours are stretched over that period (equating to 11 or 22 hours per week depending on whether you access just the 15 universal hours or the full 30 hours).

For those families claiming the first 15 universal hours (11 hours stretched) there will now be a weekly charge to pay.

For those claiming the additional 15 hours (i.e. the 30 hour funding, which we deliver as 22 hours stretched) there will be a charge per hour for each of these additional hours.

The Early Years funding can still be claimed against all the hours nursery is open between 8 am and 6 pm.

This will mean that when booking our minimum of 3 four hour sessions for all granted children (12 hours childcare) you can claim 11 hours stretched funding and would pay 1 hour at our usual rate . If your child attends for more than the minimum 12 hours and you are eligible for the 30 hours scheme, you can claim for up to 22 hours funding per week. Any other hours above 22 are non-funded and therefore will be charged at our standard hourly rate.

The only exception to this would be 2 yrs 9 months children joining the preschool at any point, as they would be paying full fees, they could remain term time if they wish, until they receive government funding, paying a small charge to hold their place during the holiday period.

Opening Hours

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri: 8am – 6.00pm
Public Holidays:  – Closed

Christmas period – Closed