We can offer a confirmed place up to six months before your intended start date for which a deposit of £150.00 will be required.  We will not offer confirmed places more than 6 months in advance.

You can also download the registration form here – CLICK HERE


We aim to provide a close partnership with parents in order to care for your baby or small child during the working day.  The nursery is a safe, homely, happy and loving Centre where your child can explore and flourish safely.  It offers a wide range of varied activities and is staffed with qualified and experienced nursery practitioners  and assistants.  We know your children have individual routines and we will work closely with you in this respect.

In this room the emphasis is on fun and learning through play and experiences stimulating the five senses.  Children love to explore our range of activities, helping them to learn to socialise, make friends and communicate.  Staff will observe and record your child’s development as part of the Early Years Foundation stage and celebrate their achievements; first smiles, playing alongside friends, making marks, etc.  You will meet your child’s key person on your visits and they will be observing and recording your child’s achievements for you to see.  Feedback is given on a daily basis so that you know all about your child’s day.

For further information, visits or to reserve a place for your child, please contact the Centre as soon as possible.



If you decide you would like to leave your child in our care, then we ask that you arrange a series of at least three visits.  This is to enable both you and your child to become familiar with the surroundings and staff.  After you are comfortable, during this process, you may be asked to leave your child with us for a short period and then come and collect her/him.  The length of time your child is left will depend on the number of visits and their best interests.


Amy Dorey

Education:Level 3 Early Years Education
When open:51 weeks, 8 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday


The Childrens Learning Centre is open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday, 51 weeks of the year.  We cater for working and non-working parents.

The cost of a hot meal is shown on the ‘fee sheet’ and is available for all children who attend the nursery school at 12 noon.  Our caterers supply a wide and varied menu as you will see the menu on this website – CLICK HERE.  Two weeks notice is required for holidays and changes.  Tea is also available for those children attending afternoon sessions at 4.00 p.m.

Please supply for your child: nappies, wipes and/or baby lotion + cotton wool, cream  and a set of spare clothes.  All these things can be stored within the nursery in a named box for your convenience.  There is no need to worry about running out of things as we will notify you of any items that need replenishing.  If your child would like to bring any cuddly teddy etc. that will help him/her feel secure they are most welcome.

We cannot accept children with any infectious diseases, no conditions like conjunctivitis, impetigo, sickness and diarrhoea.  We can accept children with colds etc. if you feel they are well enough and do not have a temperature of 38°C or above or need the full time care of a member of staff.  We cannot cater for, or give the care that your child needs if he/she is unwell.  We also advise that any child under 1 receiving medication for the first time remain at home for 48 hours in case there is a reaction. All children with a temperature and/or continuous cough must be collected immediately.

In the event of your child having vomiting and/or diarrhoea symptoms they must stay away from nursery until they have been free of symptoms for 48 hours and feel well in themselves. 

If your child is unwell during the day and in the team’s professional opinion unfit for nursery we will contact you at home or work.  If you are unable to collect your child we would very much appreciate you making alternative arrangements.  In the unlikely event of an emergency with your child our procedure is to call for medical assistance first and then contact you.  Our aim is to ensure that your child is never put at risk. 

We are happy to administer any medication including inhalers etc.  Any medication needs to be entered onto the medicine form and signed by the parent or guardian to authorise its use.  The medication will be given by a senior member of staff or a key person and witnessed by another member of staff to ensure the correct medication and dosage is given.

The absence of a child does not lessen the cost of running a Centre like this – we are therefore unable to refund fees.  However in the unfortunate event of long-term sickness alternative arrangements will be considered.

Our staff ratios are as follows:

0-2 yr.   1 member of staff to every 3 children.

2-3 yrs.  1 member of staff to every 4 children.


Although there is a routine to the day it is very relaxed and flexible to accommodate different attendance patterns and parental daily routines which we follow.  However, within the day there will be the following elements;

Welcome in timeStaff will greet you and your child and help to settle them into the room.
Choosing timeCome and play with our range of activities including; sand, drawing, puzzles play dough, etc. This is a lovely time for playing and making friends. You can also choose your favourite toys to play with on our carpet area.
Story time and group activity timeShall we have a story, what is your favourite one or shall we have some fun action rhymes?
Garden PlayCome outside and see our slides, cars and bikes. Can you see the birds? Don’t forget your wellies for damp days.
Snack timeEnjoy one of our healthy snacks and have a drink of milk or water.
Singing timeLet’s sit together and have lots of fun singing our favourites nursery rhymes.
Activity timeChoose from the many activities we have, it might be painting a boat, playing with gloop or cooking etc. Why not build a tower of bricks or play with our rice tray. There’s lots to do.
Tidy up timeLet’s see if we can help to clear up all the things we have been playing with!
Story time and group activityCan you choose a book for us to read? Shall we dance to or play some music?
Lunch timeLet’s wash our hands and have a tasty, nutritious, hot lunch. Lunches are provided by outside caterers Hungry Monsters.
Quiet timeQuiet games, books, puzzles, shape sorters etc., for you to play with, sleep for some to give you the energy to start all over again!
The afternoon follows approximately the same pattern. Except that children who are staying all day will have the activities etc. varied and a tea comprising a variety of snacks houmous, bread sticks, baked beans on toast, sandwiches, salad bits, yoghurt and lots of fruit etc. Each session is carefully designed to provide a balanced range of experiences for your child, to stimulate educationally and to provide fun emotionally and socially. They should help your child grow in every way. Please give us feedback, all ideas are welcome.

Although the list may seem busy the day moves along at the children’s individual pace with each child receiving individual attention and having fun.

We provide a safe stimulating and caring environment with very experienced qualified staff.  We hope to put you at ease and leave you with the knowledge that your child is receiving the best care and attention that we can give.  We treat each child as an individual and cater for all aspects of their development.

If you have any problems or concerns, please do not hesitate to speak to any member of the team, we can assure you of a friendly reception and a good ear and professional advice.  We actively encourage parents to telephone in to check on their child if they are in any way concerned or you can ask us to give you a call.


Opening Hours

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri: 8am – 6.00pm
Public Holidays:  – Closed

Christmas period – Closed